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Mirren Ad Sales Training

Sell More to Agencies.
Sell More to Clients.


The next 15 will spend time with Tim Scholler of Mindshare - as he discusses how to get more business from this $80B media buying agency.

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Sell More to Agencies. Sell More to Clients.

Over the course of the two days, the agenda is broken into four sequential tracks focused on advanced sales strategy. 
The tracks include: Sell More to Agencies, Sell More to Clients, Innovation, Selling Tools.

Meet The Nation’s Top Media Buying Agencies:

Join Attendees That Include:

12 Sep 2016
Day 1
13 Sep 2016
Day 2
14 Sep 2016

Premium Registration: Special Three Hour Session – September 12 – SOLD OUT

Select the Premium Registration option to join this exclusive session. If you're already registered, you can add this session by calling 866.508.0523 (additional fee applies).

Workshop Topic: Writing In-Person Sales Presentations: Advanced Techniques to Better Address Client Impact & Convert More Business

Note that this workshop is geared to the more senior members of your sales team. Based on principles from Mirren’s Ad Sales Training, you will learn how to craft sales presentations that consistently convert more business with clients and media agencies. In fact, you will learn how to apply a step-by-step structure that can be used for all presentations, particularly those that include an introduction to your media property and a strategic recommendation. The key is to establish a consistent structure, but then populate that storyline with strategic thinking that is customized for the prospect. Throughout the course of the workshop, you will walk through how to craft a presentation that:
  • Better focuses on the client’s business & marketing objectives
  • Turns data into real insight about the prospect’s target audience
  • Pulls from the principles of storytelling to be more dynamic & engaging
  • Uses a consistent format to be more efficient to write each time
  • Ultimately converts your prospects
Plan to bring a few printed copies of past and upcoming sales presentations as you’ll have the opportunity to immediately apply the concepts within the workshop. Breakout exercises will help ensure you apply the approach to your own real world situations. Plenty of time will be provided for Q&A.
Date: Monday, September 12 Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Location: Havas Media in New York.
Mirren Sales Training
Brent Hodgins
Managing Partner
Mirren Sales Training
Jerry May
Client Services Director

Pillar One: Sell More to Clients

Meet and learn from the ultimate decision-makers. Directly from client-side marketing and media, learn about their new expectations and how this impacts your pipeline.

The Client Trends Defining Media Selection: Why You Need to Shift Your Sales Strategy

Mirren’s latest client-side research is in and there is significant change projected for the next 12 - 18 months. Brent will reveal the top few trends that define how brand advertisers are – and will be – making their media selection. Expect an insightful, lively and provocative session.

Mirren Sales Training
Brent Hodgins
Managing Partner

Harvard Business Review Client Panel: The Business Opportunities for Media Ad Sales

Harvard Business Review will host a discussion with brand advertisers about the ad sales business. Expect to gain new insight into how they’re dealing with increased pressure to deliver toward the bottom line and the role they expect their media partners to play. We’ll also take a look at the biggest opportunities they see for ad sales, how to better position and package your presentations, and what it now takes to get on their radar and in the door.

The Coca-Cola Company
Anthony Martinez
Communications Planning & Content Marketing Strategist
Steve Jett
National Marketing
Stephanie Retcho
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Harvard Business Review
Amy Bernstein

Working Around the Agency: Securing More Business Directly from the Client

This session will address one of the most challenging situations for ad sales executives who sell to brand advertisers and agencies. Here, we’ll take a look at strategies being used to go around the agency and secure a stronger relationship directly with the client.

Bob Bejan
General Manager for Global Communications Strategy


Take a break, grab some bio fuel and get ready for the afternoon sessions while meeting more of your media peers.

Pillar Two: Sell More to Agencies

Meet and learn from the nation’s top media agencies. Leading executives share new insight into their media selection process and how you can get more of their business.

Getting More Business From Your Accounts: Using Insights to Open Doors

Having strong research-based insights in your toolbox goes without saying. In fact, they are one of the most critical elements in crafting your sales presentations and opening more doors. Insights grab a client’s attention, make your recommendation more relevant, inspire more innovative ideas, and ultimately help you convert the sale.

Mirren Sales Training
Brent Hodgins
Managing Partner

Create More Effective Written Proposals

As you know, writing a proposal that converts the sale is no simple task. On top of a time-consuming process, often the client’s objectives are not clear, the budget is vague, an unreasonable buy is being requested for the price, and the proposal must be delivered on nearly impossible timelines.

As a leading Search Consultant helping brand advertisers select their agencies, Lisa has years of experience reviewing thousands of proposals. In fact, in this session she will share best practices from the agency world, helping you to craft more effective proposals – effectively and efficiently.

AAR Partners
Lisa Colantuono

Media Agency Panel: Getting On Our Radar, Getting In the Door

This panel of media agency directors will share best practices on what it takes to get in the door. As you would imagine, they are bombarded by ad sales emails, phone calls, and other outreach. However, why is it that some break through, while others don’t? What is it that some do differently that ultimately gets them face-to-face with these key decision-makers? Expect a discussion that ultimately provides new ideas on how to optimize your sales strategy.

Omnicom Media Group
Sean Tate
Planning Director
Havas Media
Greg James
Chief Strategy & Development Officer
Aniko Keresztes
Harmelin Media
Brad Bernard
Vice President, Digital Strategy & Innovation
Tim Scholler
Managing Director, Communications Planning

Media Agency Panel: What Our Clients Want from Ad Sales

This panel of media agency directors will share insight into the changing world of brand advertisers. They’ll review the new demands their clients are making and ultimately how this impacts the ad selection process. From price reduction pressure, to programmatic and media fragmentation, expect a frank discussion about how media buying agencies are dealing with the shifting client landscape – and the implications on your approach to sales.

Havas Media
Joe Maglio
Managing Director
Horizon Media
Molly Sugarman
Vice President, Managing Director at Treehouse
IPG Mediabrands / Society
Seth Kelly
Creative Director, Native Content
James Reynolds
Partner, Senior Digital Director, Performance Marketing
Justin Claassen
Group Account Director

The Live Pitch Competition: Selling the Media Agencies

The Live Pitch Competition has always been one of the most popular sessions at our conferences. Watch live on stage as several advertising properties make a sales pitch to our group of media agency directors. This will be followed by feedback from the panel, with additional Q&A from the audience. Expect a lively session with valuable takeaways about your own sales materials.

IPG Mediabrands / Society
Jonathan Vu
Executive Director of Strategy
Ali Plonchak
Managing Director, Digital Strategy & Integration
Daniel Jeydel
Associate Director
Nelson Pinero
Senior Digital Director, Partner


Join us and network with the clients and agency media executives as we wrap up from the day's sessions and connect over cocktails.

Pillar Three: Media Innovation

The world of media is changing like never before. Mediums and models continue to shift.
Innovation is addressed as a critical element in driving your business and sales growth.

Innovation in Advertising: A Discussion with Tech Innovators

Fast Company Magazine will host a discussion with a group of tech innovators as they provide a perspective on the future of consumers, how they’ll interact with media, and the implications for ad sales.

Erik Geisler
Director, US Agency Team
Strike Social
Patrick McKenna
Arben Perkolaj
Media & Entertainment
Fast Company
Eric Alt
Geoffrey Colon
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Emerging Media

Unleashing Your Sales Potential Through Improvisation

Many of the Saturday Night Live cast were trained here and it turns out, there are powerful leadership lessons to learn from their experience. In this interactive session, you'll explore a number of techniques carefully designed to open up more of your personal sales potential. At our recent Agency CEO Summit, they brought down the house with their lively, entertaining (and often profound) look at personal growth.
The Second City
Tamara Nolte
The Second City
Kate James

Selling the Next Generation of Media

As we all know, technology, consumers, clients and agencies continue to evolve and impact ad sales at a pace that seems relentless. In this session, we’ll take a look at the latest strategies for selling the next generation of media, with a particular focus on digital, programmatic and more.

Invisible Science
Baba Shetty

Ad Sales Panel Discussion: The New Trends Impacting Sales Performance

This panel of leaders will discuss the future of ad sales strategy. Ultimately, the goal is to provide new insight behind the trends that will shape the future of this critical role. What are the current challenges? What are the current best practices? How will these change over the next few years? How are client’s expectations changing? How must the world of ad sales respond?

The Economist Group
Bill Kelly
Business Development Director, Professional Services, Americas Region
IBT Media
Mitchell Caplan
Global Chief Marketing Officer
DISH Media Sales
Adam Gaynor
Vice President, Media Sales and Analytics
Bob Bejan
General Manager for Global Communications Strategy


Take a break, grab some bio fuel and get ready for the afternoon sessions while meeting more of your media peers.

Pillar Four: Selling Tools

A look at the new sales tools playing a key role in creating, managing and converting sales pipelines.
From marketing and CRM, to sales and “tool hacks,” get a look at what’s new.

Salesforce: An In-depth Look at Mastering this Key Sales Tool

In this session, we’ll look inside one of the most powerful and prolific new business tools. Step-by-step, we’ll take this seemingly complex software and simplify it, making it work for you rather than against you. We’ll reveal principles that the most successful sales strategists use to empower their teams and provide actionable insight into their new business pipeline.

Steve Sobel
Global Lead and Director of Media Industry Solutions

Your Brainstorming Tool Kit: Bigger Pitch Ideas On Tight Timelines

Advertisers and agencies are always looking for fresh new thinking. However, coming up with innovative new ideas to sell more to your current accounts or to pitch new ones is not easy. Give your idea generation a shot in the arm with a more effective approach to brainstorming.

Mirren Sales Training
Brent Hodgins
Managing Partner

Ad Sales: The New Selling Tools

During this interactive session, Dave Currie will walk through a number of new and innovative tools that can help you be more effective with your sales programs.

Dave Currie

The Most Important Conversion Mechanism to Accelerate Your Sales

In this closing session, Brent will take a look at one key new best practice the Mirren Sales Training team has used to completely evolve the effectiveness of sales teams across the country.

Mirren Sales Training
Brent Hodgins
Managing Partner

Conference Closed

12 Sep 2016
Day 1
13 Sep 2016
Day 2
14 Sep 2016